Your wedding day is going to be a busy one. While you have ensured the cake, flowers and music are taken care of, your photographers will capture the best of your day. The photos make the memories live forever. That is why you have to find the perfect wedding photographer to hire. Here are tips to help you with this:

Research Early

Start your search for the right wedding photographer some months before your wedding date. Remember that there’s so much you have to deal with during this period and you want to reduce your list of to-dos by taking care of the wedding photography aspect in advance. Begin your search by asking newly-wed couples for recommendations. Also, browse photographer websites and blogs and check out their galleries to have a sense of their style and quality. However, keep in mind that what you will see may just be their best clips from various weddings. Thus, after liking a photographer, ask to see one or two full weddings.

Plan Shots in Advance

When reviewing photos featured by photographers, think about major moments you wish to be captured at your wedding. Do you like some shots that you want the same ones at your wedding? Find thoughtful creations where people and things are in focus. Check out more ideas at

Compare Prices and Packages

Check the standard package a photographer offers, along with any extra fees. Particularly, know the number of hours the package includes. The majority of wedding photography packages include 8 hours and cover all moments, from getting ready to the finale.  Often, it is a good idea to pay for more coverage if you are looking to have a huge finale exit.

Schedule a Meeting

You don’t want to decide to hire a photographer based on their looks. After having a short list of those whose work you admire and setting a budget that works for you, it is time to meet your chosen photographers in person or talk to them through video chats. Make sure you feel comfortable with them since they will be shadowing your moves on your big day and interact with your guests.

Confirm who Takes the Shots

Big studios are likely to have several photographers on staff and depending on your chosen package and contract, there might be more than one photographer to shoot your day. Because professionals have their own style, personality, and strategies, ensure you interview the photographer who will be taking photos on your wedding day. When the studio sends out more than one photographer, you can assign the other one to capture the cocktail hour and the other to the main event.

Create a List of your Desired Shots

Every minute of your wedding is precious enough not to waste it. You don’t want to rush trying to pair one person with other or group some people. It is best to stick to some essential shots and ask your wedding coordinator or maid of honor to facilitate the shooting. Consider in advance if you want shots in black and white or color and mention any specific decor items you wish to be captured.

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