If you are a photographer than chances are you also travel a lot. Did you know that traveling can boost your well-being and mental state of mind? Again, if you are a photographer than you already are aware of this fun fact about traveling. However, if you are traveling for work, say a big photoshoot that you have to take care of than this is not the case. However, on any other day (when you are not involved in work) traveling will make us healthy and happy. So, why do we feel more joy and happiness when we travel? Some of the reasons you might feel happy when you travel include: you get to meet new people, enjoy seeing new things, taste new and exotic foods, and get to gain new experiences. So, what makes traveling so enjoyable? According to an article on The Huffington Post, some of the reasons people love to travel include: witnessing happy locals in their own environments, learning self-confidence, enjoying time for yourself or with your family, appreciation for the little things, being away from work and the stress that comes with it, making new friends, and being away from home can make us appreciate it more when we return. According to Life Hacker, you can also jump start your creativity when you travel. A boost in creativity can result in a happier and healthier you as well as a better photographer.

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